Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well the bags are all pack (I think). We are headed out for what is sure to be a very memorable occasion. As long as the majority of the memories are happy ones I will call it a success. Wish me luck! A week long vacation with all sisters, their husbands, and kids (6 kids total 5 under the age of six!!!! Whoa I think we're all crazy! ) it will be interesting. If California blows up no worries it's just us. See ya soon. I promise to bring back lots of pictures! : )

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feet Soup

Apparently my creative little son wanted to come up with a new recipie. This is how my morning went.

Dyaln: (yelled down the hall from the bathroom) Sorry Momma I used all the strawberry toothpaste.

Mom: That's okay buddy... I'll get some more.

Dylan: Okay because this soup is really good.

Mom: Soup? What soup buddy?

Dylan: This strawberry soup that I made.

Mom: (Walking quickly to the bathroom...when I get there I see Dyaln sitting on the counter with his feet in the sink full of murky water.)

Dylan: See mommy I was washing the syrup off my hands and then I washed my feet and then I decided to brush my teeth.

The sink was full of bubbly soapy water that he had washed his hands and feet in, then squeezed the rest of the toothpaste into as well. With his feet still in the sink full of water he was dipping his toothbrush into the "soup" and brushing his teeth in it. YUMMY!

The joys of having a boy!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Go Ahead.... Make my Day!

Today was Monday.... we didn't mind a bit! Here are a few of the things that totally made my day today.

Teaching my 4 year old video addicted son the ins and outs of Super Mario Bros 2. Oh yeah baby.... old school! He was so totally loving it. In his eyes Mario is the big brother. Lugi is the little brother and then there is a princess put there solely so the girls will have a character to play with.

Avery getting so excited about the sun hat that I made for her. She loves to wear it around the house (since it's too dang cold to wear it outside. Yesh!)

Watching my six year old who loves to draw figure out all by herself how to draw her favorite cartoon characters from a learn to draw book (seeing her so proud of herself makes me even more proud of her than before... is that possible?)

Watching the pink backpack Haley wears bounce happily off to school to catch the bus.

Grabbing some dinner at Wendy's since Mom was not feeling up to cooking tonight. The whole family actually went inside instead of going through the drive thru... letting the kids out of there seat belts usually is a bad idea....but today they were so well behaved I was EXTREMELY proud. Maybe I should raise my standards?!

Snuggling with all 3 of the kids...everyone in their pj's watching Curious George before bed. Two heads(one on each shoulder) and the littlest one on my lap! It just doesn't get any better than this!

Thanks guys for a really GREAT day!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy...Busy... Moms

Today was quite a day. As I attempted to salvage what was left of spring break. (A trip to the dentist and a car crash I guess isn't what the kids had in mind for an exciting spring break. Go figure???!!!) I pitched a tent in the back yard. But this isn't until after I had sewn the arm back on a beloved stuff animal. Change a stinky bum. Fix 3 different breakfast for my picky eaters and cleaned 3 bathrooms.

So as I was saying I pitched this tent in the backyard. Then I crocheted some cute flower clips and mini mouses to go in the girls hair for our trip. I then proceeded to clean the house so that my company coming today wouldn't gasp at the sight of my filthy house and discover that we really are a family full of pigs. More Laundry and dishes. Broke up about 15 fights between the all the millions of kids in the backyard. Kissed boo boos. More stinky diapers. Lunch... wrestled 2 kids into bed for naps. Entertained one bored 6 year old and greeted our company. Fixed dinner un-pitched the tent. Gave one haircut. Bathed 3 kids and baked a cake.... Now I tell you all of this not to brag because I know that all of you do the exact same things in a day (probably more knowing how completely amazing all of you are!)

However.... you ever wondered what the worth of one mother is worth? I'm sure that you've all heard those random figures that people throw out but I think I will just low ball it and just say PRICELESS.

Here's a shout out to all of the priceless moms out there. Way to go!!! Keep it up ladies!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


So this week has not been one of my better weeks. Feeling guilty about not taking the kiddos anywhere fore spring break we decided to head up to Midvale to the Disney outlet store to get some autograph books for the kids for the trip to Disney. Daddy was at church activities (a usual Wednesday night occasion) so off we went. We were about to head off of the on ramp when I notice this great big truck following way too closely. ( This instantly this makes me furious !!!! A reaction from a good sized car crash a few years back that has left my back permanently damaged... still) I gave my self a great big space between me and the next car when all the sudden the cars in front of me all slowed down almost to a stop! Yep you guessed it!! Taking a line from one of Haley's favorite books CRASH, BANG, WALLOP! Mr. full sized pick up truck smashes right into me. Grrrrrrr. You big dumb idiot why did you have to follow so closely. So first I calm the crying kids. Haley got the worst of it being farthest back in the car. Then I get out to check out the damage. Walking back I see that his big metal truck bumper is all smashed and dented. I turn around to check mine. A few scratches and some little dents. Wahooooo one for the mom mobile!!!! (I LOVE MY CAR) We discussed for a while. I told him since my back and neck were already hurting and Haley was complaining since she hit her head pretty good, that I needed to call it in and make a report (just for insurance purposes) he says okay. Waits until I get back in my car and PEELS OUT across 4 lanes of traffic. I was on the phone with Michael when I exclaim he's leaving! "Do you have his license plate he asks" Nope! not YET!! I answer. I yell to Haley to get back into her car seat and we take off after him! Call 911 on the way... let them know I was chasing down a guy involved in a hit and run. I followed him for a bit and then he got stuck at a light. HA HA gotcha! He knew this as well and decides to pull over. I pulled over too and locked the doors and stayed on the phone with 911 dispatch. He came over and asks did you see me tell you to pull over here??? No....( you stupid idiot) he tried twice to shove the insurance papers through the window so he could leave because he claimed he was really "LATE" Well you're gonna be LATER you have to stay and wait for the cops I told him. Cops got there and wrote him a nice 400 dollar ticket and gave him fault for the accident. Michael (who came as soon as he heard I was chasing down the guy who hit us) arrives just then the cop proceeds to tell him how surprised he was when he got the call about a women in pursuit of a hit and run and pull up to see me parked right next to him giving him crap! Michael's reply "someone forgot to tell her she's only 5 ft tall." One of the many benefits of growing up in the ghetto of Ogden NO FEAR! Stupidity yes.... but FEAR NO. Well there you have the strange and unusual things that usually happen to me on a daily basis while trying to get normal things like Disney autograph books! Thankfully nobody was really hurt! A little whiplash bumped heads and his pocketbook. HA HA ! Why do these things happen to me?

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Trip to the Dentist

Bad mom confession coming up......

Okay..... Okay..... I am aware that most children visit the dentist sometime before they are 61/2. Nope not mine. Today was a momentous occasion I took all 3 kids to the dentist. This is a stretch for me. I don't ever want to go there myself let alone take 3 of them kicking and screaming too. I (luckily... I think) have a sister that is a dental Hygienist and my mother-in-law is a dental asst. So we usually have a lot "teeth talk" around our family functions. To add to this they are always looking around in the kids mouth. When you start to hear Uh-oh from both of them you figure it's time. So.... I DID IT ....I made the apt. fought the urge to cancel the night before and actually took them it ( I am literally patting myself on the back right now) Guess what!!! It was SOOOoooooo fabulous. The kids already knew the dentist.... he is in our ward and coached Haley's soccer team. His office is AMAZING! Since he is a pediatric dentist everyone in the office staff was so great to the kids! Totally a good experience. Sadly to say.... Haley did have 3 cavities one which requires a baby root canal, cap and THANKFULLY sedation to knock her crazy butt out : ) At least she doesn't hate the dentist yet! Dylan did much better NO cavities I am so proud of him ( we told him about the sugar bugs and he took that to heart!) The baby was having none of it so we just left her alone. She way eyeing up the dentist and I KNOW she would have bit him if she had the chance.

After the dentist we headed to the store to get a little prize for such a successful (and totally dreaded) Dental Apt. The kids were picking out toys and Haley decided to forgo her toy and instead get the swimming baby she's been saving up for months to get. I told her she would finally have enough with the money we would have spent on the toy today. The problem I am having is actually taking all her money now that we are at home. I know it's a great lesson and I explained she would have to give me ALL of it once we got home but I feel so GUILTY. I am really proud of her for not giving up and saving every little penny to get this 35 dollar baby. She is so excited to have it before the trip to Cali so she can use it in the pool. Tell me you all would have done the same thing and actually taken her money away. Am I being a good mom for taking it or a bad mom for taking it. ?????? Hmmmm...... the joys of motherhood

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Welcome back Sunshine

We just couldn't resist the weather today. It was still a little chilly but so nice to be out. We headed to the park for a picnic and some fun. Last year Avery was still too little to really enjoy the park and it was so cute to see here experience it for the first time.

We sure have missed being outside and playing at the park! These little rocking 4-wheelers are always the first thing that Dylan wants to play with!

The little sound tunnel thingy is always a big hit as well. ( As long as naughty words aren't being exchanged we are all happy)

He doesn't quite reach the talking part but makes up for it by yelling really loudly! This is always a thrill to anyone on the other end.

We played soccer (or tired to) Avery is a bit of a ball hog. We even brought her her very own ball to play with but she always wanted to play with the one that we had!

We climbed and slid and played to our hearts content. I am so happy that the weather is finally changing. Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer. I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I guess it's been a while since I've posted. We've had company (as usual) it's a good thing I get along with all my family members and in-laws. We joke around all the time and call our house the Cozart Bed and Breakfast. That in addition to the construction going on in the basement has made for a busy week. Add on top of that the fact that preschool has been at my house this week too and that equals no time for blogging (sigh) But things are settling down a bit. The jack hammering down stairs has been quiet for a whole hour!!! This is an extra good thing... you know it's been a long day/ week when you send your house guest on an errand for "the strongest Mt. Dew" they can find at 8:30 a.m. I know what a looser huh! Usually I don't drink very much caffeine (I already feel like a humming bird on crack most of the time.... I don't need any help with that) but today with endless hours of jack-hammering going on at my house it was a definite must! Anyway that's about all the time I have for today folks. Wish me luck! : )

Friday, April 4, 2008


All I can say is wow! A friend emailed this link to me. Once I had seen it I knew I had to post it so all of you could see these photos as well.

On a totally different note. Today was Haley's Doughnut Date. My very first one of many to come with all of the kids. It was fun! I forgot the dang camera.... I always am doing that! ( I am sure it has something to do with carting 3 kids and all of there stuff to various places by 9:00 in the morning... but anyway) It was really fun we got to sit down and eat doughnuts and read to each other for 45 min without interruptions which seems to be something that is incredibly hard to do around our house these days! Haley loved it..... she would have been a great "only child" she tells me this all the time. : )
She brought me the book "I'll love you Forever" GREAT like I want to cry in front of the whole class. I am proud to say I held it together with only minor tearing in the eyes! Pretty impressive I know. Something about that book gets to all mothers I think. Not to mention I was at this function with my very first baby girl who is growing up way too quickly. Needless to say it was GOOD FUN!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mommy in training

Okay... so Avery hates when I use the vacuum. She says it scares her, but today the funniest thing happened. I was vacuuming in her room and she was hiding behind me (as usual) when all of the sudden she screams and pushes past me. She runs into her room and scopes up a baby doll laying on the floor. She then yells at me... hugs her baby tight and whispers reassurances into her ear as she scowls at me and walks past all the while patting her baby lightly on the back. Wow.... motherly instincts kick in early don't they.