Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's do some Bouncin'

Did you guys play with your cousins growing up? We did but very very rarely. In fact we actually only saw them once or twice a year. When we did actually get to see them we had so much fun! My sisters and I put a lot of effort into making sure our kids see each other A LOT more than we got to see our cousins (secretly we just want to hang out with each other, and the kids are a good extra reason! ) The problem is that when they all get together they are SO crazy. Bounce off the walls, drive their mothers and anyone else within a mile crazy. It usually only last for the first couple of hours of so. This time we outsmarted them and took them somewhere they could go wild and we could sit and drink kiwi-strawberry slushies and gab! Wooo hooo! Score one for the moms!

These are my way cute niece and nephew! Don't let the cute little pictures fool ya! These two could out run any kid anytime EASY! The only reason I even got such cute pictures of them sitting still was because I had the camera on action mode and I took like a million pictures and 1 caught them stilling still.

All of the kids had a blast! Mine however looked like this after about an hour. Notice none of them are actually still standing up!

Happy kids + happy moms = a really good Day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Apologies

Okay... sorry guys for making you look at pictures of creepy snakes for so long. We have been SO busy around here that blogging was all but forgotten. Now I'm back on a more normal schedule (I hope) and ready to resume my blogging ways.

On the plus side we've been having so much fun, and I have tons of pictures for ya. I won't post them all in the same post ( you'd probably be ready to kill me if I did.) Instead I'll take it slow and do a day at a time. Let's start with the Living Planet Aquarium.

We had a day off of school and this was the activity chosen by the kids. It was a little small but the kids LOVED it!!!! We saw a lot of cool things, but the hit of the day was touching the sting rays.

These two were very brave when it came to touching them. Haley was a little more hesitant. After some gentle coaxing from a very patient Aunt she was finally able to touch one. (Look how proud she looks! )

Then we moved on to see some more of the museum. This little guy was fascinated by everything. He wanted to read every label description and see every single exhibit. He's asked me at least 100 times in the past week if we could go back. With my new kids club membership I'm sure we will be back soon. (That's something for a whole different post.)

So there you have it. No more pictures of snakes. Sting Ray's may not be much better but it's a start right !?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The most DREADED pet of all.

So.... the boys decided they needed a new pet. Well, a dog was out of the question (too much work.) Our cats don't seem to live very long around here. So naturally the pet to get would be a Python. Right! I mean that's what sane logical people get for pets right? See, I knew I wasn't crazy when I told them normal people don't get snakes for pets. Yuck! Needless to say I don't love Legs, yep- that's what the kids named him was legs, since he didn't have any of course.

It was a huge compromise for me to allow this little beauty into the house. The catch is I don't have to do anything with it- EVER. Here are the rules
1- No feeding it! (which I've already done once, is it wrong to root for the mouse to live?)

2- No touching it ever (well, except for when Dylan can't reach him on the bottom of the cage to get him out)

3-If he gets loose Michael has to come home and catch him! (ummmm- yeah like that will happen! Dylan already came running in and told me he lost his snake. Guess where, No seriously just guess! MY BED! While searching for him in the covers he slithered out of my pillowcase! on to my HAND!!!!! And yes I did scream like a girl and ran around the room screaming.)

4- I NEVER have to clean the cage. ( Thing one I'm sticking to! I mean it!)

So as you can see. Now that the rules have been firmly established and followed we should have no problems. Welcome to the family Legs.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth (Well Most of the Time)

Well we're back from our little jaunt to the Magic Kingdom. This trip was interesting to say the least. We had a fabulous time but also had a few hang ups. We were a little bit sick so that took a little bit of fun away from the trip. Dylan and Avery both had ear infections which would act up and make for some whiny kids at times. That didn't stop us though! Well it stopped Dylan a couple of times. A few times he crashed..... hard! For the most part it was a GREAT trip here are some of the highlights.

Now you tell me.... for someone who protested A LOT about going to Disneyland he sure looks like he's having fun huh!

Avery was WAY into Donald this trip (go figure) we hung out at Donald's house and she loved it.

One of my favorite moments of the trip was when she actually saw him. We were waiting in line and Avery was picking flowers through the railing (even though she wasn't supposed to!) She took off running and I thought I was going to have to chase after her. She had finally seen Donald and ran up to him and gave him her flower she had picked. It was SOOOOoooooo cute! He stopped and gave her kisses even though he was heading to break. She won't stop talking about it!

This little guy had a harder time at Disneyland this year. He had been sick before we left and then came down with an ear infection while we were there. He was always cold and kind of tired. The sun was in his eyes so he borrowed my hat, apparently that's all he needed to make him happy!

We spent a lot more time riding the big rides this trip so we had to find ways to entertain the little monkey. She loved toontown where she could play in the little cars and houses while the big kids were busy.

This was the other way to keep her happy. A stuffed animal a day keeps the frownies away!

Haley sometimes has a hard time with the characters. This guy tried to carry her tray for her at breakfast. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Rafiki following behind Haley trying to tell her sorry for scaring her and trying to take her tray. Haley looking straight forward with huge tears silently streaming down her face walking as fast as she could back to the table. She sat down and cried on my shoulder once he was gone and said "I know he's nice but he just really freaks me out!" So when he came around again for pictures we sent her away for more strawberries. Dylan as you can see didn't have any problems with him.

Other than Donald, this is who Avery really wanted to meet! It was love at first sight!

I can't believe how big she is! She walked all 4 days with no complaints. She is ready and willing to ride every ride in the park! As much as it scares me that they grow up so fast sometimes it sure is fun to see them turn into a big kid right before your eyes!

We had such a GREAT time!!!!! I am sad to be home.