Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It was worth the wait!

As you know we don't go to Disneyland as often as I would like (I am not sure that's even possible really... but anyway.) We waited our designated 2 years and this year. da da da ta da!!! It was finally time!

You know what I love the most about Disney? You can dance down main street and no one will think you are weird. Wearing weird hats and costumes is expected and laughing is a must! Seriously how could you not love this place?

I am not sure if the ages were perfect. The time of year was what did it. Or maybe the fact that we hadn't been to Disney for a couple of years, whatever it was, this year was perfect.

This little monkey was the perfect age. Not too old to think things are "lame" and old enough to ride everything. It helps that she is a complete die hard and nothing was too scary, too fast, or too anything for her.

In fact her favorite ride was the Tower of Terror. I SooooOOOOOooo HATE that ride. Good thing Daddy will ride it with her!

We did the character breakfast again this year but this year was a bit of a bust. The characters were kind of lame and there weren't as many as in years past. Oh well, the food was good and at least we got to see some of the characters. Plus, as you can see the kids loved it and... it was free with the hotel stay, and I love that!

It was close to my birthday when we went this year so not only did I get a cool button that said Happy Birthday... the park was also decorated for Halloween which is my total favorite time of year. So that was an extra perk.

The only bad thing! California Screamin was down and so was Pirates of the Caribbean. Two of my favorite rides.... Seriously! Why did it have to be those two!

This poor little guy played hard. I think there was only one night that he wasn't asleep before his dinner actually made it to the table.

Another cool thing we did this year was buy pins ahead of time for the kids to trade (WAY too expensive to buy in the park) All the workers have to trade with the kids for whatever they want. While we were waiting for the parade the kids went up and down main street trading their pins. As you can see someone is more than a little proud of herself!

(Yes I know my little Avery is missing... she would not come sit by us for "ANOTHER" picture!)

It was such an awesome trip. I can't wait to go back. In fact.... it was so much fun that even Michael is already planning the next trip. I'll turn him into a Disney die hard like myself one of these days.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We've come full Circle!

My very first blog ever was on Haley's first day of school. Well guess what! Today was Avery's first day of school. I know I am lame and never keep up on this blog but I am really gonna try this time. Honest.... no I mean it. Like TOTALLY gonna do it!

Yeah, I don't believe me either. I do really like looking back at previous post. They make me laugh so I will do my best but I still probably won't get many posts in this year. "Sigh" I guess a few are better than none.

On to the fun stuff! Avery's 1st Day of school!

For 2 days she has been bouncing.... literally bouncing up and down. Every time I saw her today she would say "you know.... today is a VERY big day for me". Yep, I know honey, me too! My last little one is going off to school.

You would think there would be tears.... NO WAY! With how naughty this little one has been this summer I was not really all that sad. She is so ready for her BIG day. Here are a few pics of the big day!

Getting on the bus!

(Did those steps get bigger or is it just me?)

She would NOT let me take her to school in the car. She had to ride the bus! As she says "I have been waiting 5 years for this mom, and I am not going to miss it!" Okay... so can I follow you over to the school in my car and make sure you get to class okay? Ummm.... no.

Check out that face! She was so mad that I came to the school. She obviously thought I was gonna stay home. Yeah like that's gonna happen!

Congrats! Baby girl. Welcome to the Big Leagues.