Saturday, September 29, 2007

Flashback to the past

Okay... I don't really have much going on in my life the past few days, and we all know that it's no fun to write about I came up with a little game. To all of the family and friends that check out my blog we are going to see if you can guess which baby picture is which. I know it's kinda stupid but it's my blog so hehehe you have to humor me 'cause now your interest is peaked. I'll put the picture up and then you guess which child it is. (( Dylan obviously will be the easiest but I bet I stump you on the girls )). Here we go.

#1 . Haley or Avery ( This one is Haley)

# 2 This one is Haley too.

(Here's my confession, sometimes I only know by the clothes that they are wearing. )

# 3 is obviously Dylan. (his isn't much of a challenge because he is the only boy, but isn't he cute!)#

#4. This one is Avery ( The beginning of her thumb sucking days. I should have curbed it then)

#5. I told you that he wasn't a challenge at least not to pick out, otherwise well... we love him anyway right!

# 6. Here he is again. That's my boy : )

# 7. Here is the final one. This one is Avery, back when her cheeks had not "come in" yet. Her one defining feature. This was her at only hours old. The photographer came up and told me that she was soooooo stubborn, it took her almost an hour to get this shot she would NOT cooperate! (Yep... that sounds like my kids.)

Now wasn't that fun!!! A lot funner (is funner really a word?) than me telling you what squirming, squealing, crazy babies they were at church today. Yep way funner (there's that word again) for me too. Doing this little "game" made me realize that we have plenty of pictures of the kids but not very many of Michael and I together since our wedding. That is so pathetic. This is going to be my goal for the next year, more pictures of the to of us. Anyway.... thanks for participating. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What did you say???

I've been saying for a while that I'm worried about Haley's hearing but she is insistent that her ears are FINE! So I kinda let it drop, but today the school called and said she failed her hearing test but only on one side. Of course this was the ear I was concerned about months ago! When will I learn that I need to trust my motherly instincts. So now we have to go to the ear doctor again (( a fate worse than death to Haley)). She hates anyone doing anything to her ears. She was listening to my conversation as usual when the school called and she is already freaking out about it, she will have to deal with it I am not going to be persuaded to drop it this time. To make matters worse Avery is already well on her way to following in Haley's footsteps she has had like 7 or 8 ear infections already and she is barely even 1. So (ding ding... insert sound of bell here ) here comes round two I guess. If I were one of those annoying optimists I could say at least Dylan never had problems with his ears. (Good thing I'm not one of those!) : )

Well that's about all for my boring day. Just so there is no doubt about how big of a nerd I am, I've been counting down the days to when the new Grey's Anatomy is on. Now there is only a matter of hours! Hee hehe he (girlish giggling goese here) . So... peace out as Haley would say but now she would probably say "what??" afterwards.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Great Friends

I got the chance to go out the other night with one of my best friends that I hardly ever get to see. ((It was so fun and in case your reading this thanks for being so great!)) It makes such a difference to have a friend that means so much to you. Someone you click with and someone who you can go months without speaking to each other ( Not that that's a good thing) but that you can pick up like its been only a day or too. I am so thankful that I have such great friends I just had to publicly acknowledge this fact. While I'm being generous and thanking people I probably better include my hubby who is great at being willing to come home early to make sure I get to go out and have my own time.

Haley asked Michael why he was babysitting her again this is how the conversation went.

Haley... daddy why are you babysitting us again?
Michael.. I'm not babysitting Haley I am your Daddy, I don't babysit, Mommy just went somewhere so I am home tonight.
Haley... That's what I said. Babysitting.
Michael... No Haley, is mommy babysitting when I am gone in the day?
Haley... No, she is home with us while you're at work.
Michael..Right, since we are both your parents we don't babysit we just take care of you while we are home.
Haley.... Whatever.

Well, at least we got that straight. She is such a nut case. You gotta love her.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh... to be a kid again

Do you remember how exciting it was when you were a kid to pick out your Halloween costume? I think that my kids like Halloween almost as much as Christmas. It might even be a tie. They start thinking about their Halloween costumes in June and this year has been such a dilemma for Dylan, he has changed his mind at least 20 times. He has been trying to decide between Batman, and Buzz lightyear. Finally I took him to the costume store and let him look at the costume close up and guess what. We have a WINNER!

As you can see he decided on Buzz lightyear. Which he exclaimed. "Buzz is WAY cooler mom", like there had never been any doubt.

Haley is going to be Mulan, aka, a Japanese princess complete with chop stick in the hair and a paper fan. She is usually not too picky as long as it is some sort of princess costume. This year she saw an adult prince charming costume and really wants Michael to be her prince charming but there is no way that is happening so she can forget it.

Little Avery is going to be the purple dragon again this year. Last year it drowned her and it fits great this year so Yippee for one less costume to buy. She loves it though as soon as she sees it she makes me put it on her and she crawls around and growls while she's in it. If she doesn't get to keep it on long enough she'll cry when I take it off. Did I mention that my kids love Halloween ( I guess it is a trait that starts young)

I love all the imagination that the kids have. It makes me smile every time I try to talk Dylan out of wearing the wings and he looks at me straight faced and says "But then I can't fly"

Oh the little joys of motherhood. One day you want to ring their necks, the next you wonder what ever filled up your life before them.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just one of those days!

So I have all of the kids down for a nap at the same time and I woke up after just 15 minutes of a nap for me. The thought of missing out on just a few minutes with no one doing any of the following to me was just too precious to waste.

1. crying at me or screaming at me
2. Calling for me
3. Wiping something on my clothes
4. Making me say what, or stop it more than once in a sentence!
5. Making one more glass of bunny milk (or to the rest of the world choc. milk)
6. Putting someone in time out
7. Saying the word mom.

I know... I know I am horrible to all of the cute little mothers that love and snuggle the kids even when they are being little deamons. GO AWAY and stop making the rest of us normal mothers that need a little peace and quiet sometimes feel bad. You know it's been one of those days when you want to lock yourself in time out and not come out for 1 min for every year of your life. Luckily that would mean that since I just had a b-day I would get 29 min of quiet instead of 28.

But like I said luckily all 3 of them are asleep at the same time!!!! :) I think someone up there does love me after all! Or at least doesn't want me to kill them just yet. Now maybe after not cleaning my house and drinking good ol caffeine and a pound of chocolate mommy will be normal.

Only 28 more minutes of my time out.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

So I have to say thanks to my sister Lori again for watching all of the crazy children this weekend. The hubby and I went away for the annual shopping spree for my b-day. This is getting harder and harder every year because the more children I have the harder it is to pawn them off on someone. So thankfully my sister stepped up and took one for the team : ). I promised I would repay the favor! Anyway.... it was totally fun, except for one small problem. When did I get so old!?? You would think that since we were out without kids we would live it up. Nope we ran out of time,energy and ideas relatively early in the evening. Then the same thing happened the next day when we were shopping, but that could also be because the styles these days suck !!!! That is another story in itself. So all in all it was great. I am an old fuddy now so I am going to bed at 9:00. As Haley would say Peace out.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Preschool Days

I decided this year to do a co-op for Dylan's preschool and today was my first day attempting to teach something to very small children! All in all it actually went pretty well. There is only 4 of them so you would think that it would be a piece of cake it just is so much crazier then when you are planning in your head. I had the lesson plan all worked out with all my printouts and book picked out ahead of time. It is just the little things that throw you off. For instance the lovely blue dinosaur foot print I was somehow tagged with that I am proudly displaying on my shirt. The kid that decides to rip the other kids picture. You get the idea! I did however plan for a dino dig out in the sandbox and the kids really loved that ! What did surprise me is how much sand can be brought back in the house even after I took the time to shake the little cutie pies down. I tell ya.... little boys are something else. I am so used to girls that sometimes it throws me. That being said there is just something so cute and disgusting at the same time about little boys and the smells and messes that come with it. I am sure one day I will look back fondly on the days when you find a dinosaur, a dead bug and at least a cup of sand in one pocket of the 18 that come with the cargo pants these days. I love it! So I survived.... I have a new resolve to thank all the teachers that help teach my kids. I really need to get some better Christmas presents this year!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Crazy Days

Our Saturdays are always so crazy! We are all going in every direction possible, but today we took a little bit of time after mom got back home from Aunt Stacie's garage sale. Whew...glad that's over!!! But before Dad went out with some friends we took a little bit of time and went to a place to let the kids play and get out all of their restless energy. They had a blast and so did we!

They slipped and slided ( is that really a word?) Bounced and jumped until we were all tired and ready to call it quits. As you can see they all had so much fun! Dylan thought he was a superhero with his very own theme music. Avery has no idea she isn't as big as the other kids, and Haley wants to show them all how to do it. The video is totaly bumpy and kinda getto grainy...sorry I had this cute little kid (and I use cute lightly) who wanted to see what whas on the camera and was trying to climb on me to see it but you get the picture of what was going on.

So all in all a great day. It takes a lot of work to get there with all three kids but it is worth it once you do. I will leave ya'll with a picture of Avery doing what she does best! EATING!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Our family + 1

Well real Dylan has become very attached to little Dylan. He has been carrying him around almost everywhere he goes. He even made sure he sat at the dinner table with the rest of the family. He was somewhat mad when I told him no, I was not giving my seat up for little Dylan. So being the problem solver he is Dylan went and found him a chair and proceeded to feed him pretend bites of dinner until he said that he thought little Dylan was full. Regretfully later that evening Little Dylan was left on the floor where Avery could reach him and he was accidentally decapitated and had an arm ripped off. After a little bit of surgery (and tape) he was good as new and ready for bed. Big Dylan made sure that he had his very own bed, was read a story and kissed goodnight.

As for the other members of the family. Haley is doing great in school today is brown day as you can see from the brown outfit. Here she is heading off to school with little brother "batman" Dylan at her side.

Well that is about all for today. The rest of the day was spent chasing and picking up misc. items my destructive baby was leaving all around the house. Funny how doing "nothing" can take up your whole day sometimes. Here is a little photo to show the kind of sticky yet oh so adorable mess I am constantly cleaning up after or wiping down. I swear this kid oozes every imaginable kind of sticky, yucky mess. But as Haley would say ba ba ba ba ba I LOVE IT!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I know I already posted today but I wanted to put up some pictures of Haley's first day of school so that all the family could see so here we are ready to leave and catch the bus.
The first day didn't go quite according to plan. We were almost late so I had to shove the little one on the bus and didn't get to take anymore pictures. Then I was just a little bit upset after sending my baby out into the big bad world so I didn't remember my camera when I followed the bus to school " just to make sure she got there okay". Then came time to get her at the bus stop when much to my surprise she didn't get off the bus. Well after more that a little bit of freaking out here we are eating a turkey and skittle sandwhich happy to be home safe and sound. Even though the teacher sent me home with a frowny face note. Come on who in their right might would send a naughty note on the first day especially to someone as cute as this! I had more than half a mind to send one back saying please make sure my child gets on the bus! But being a rational person I restrained myself. Things have been going much better since then. She loves school and is having a great time. I guess we just had to get past the first day.

First Blog ever

Well, here we go. People have been trying to get me to do this forever so I guess I will see how this goes. We have family all over the place so hopefully this will be a good way to stay in touch. I can barely find enough time or energy to check my email so this is kind of a big step for me. I guess the real test will be to check back in two weeks to see if I am still at it.

I am not really sure what is supposed to go on these things or what other people might actually want to know about my crazy and unpredictable life. Of course to me it is hilarious when my son Dylan comes home with a life size cut out of himself dressed in his clothes that he has of course named " little Dylan." Which he wanted to bring with us everywhere like to the bus stop to pick up Haley, and into the doctors office which is where I drew the line. I have enough to deal with dragging around my "real" as in non paper children without dealing with little Dylan. See other people my not think this is as funny as I do.

Well the younger children are both asleep so I better stop typing and have some one on one time with Haley which includes watching Drake and Josh and eating peanut m&m's. All and all not a bad day if I do say so myself.