Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love the Snow

Does anyone else just love the snow. I've been so bummed that it hasn't snowed yet this year. That big storm that was supposed to come through on Saturday was a bust and I was so disappointed. We headed up to bountiful this weekend to "Borrow" some of their snow. We had so much fun!

What a GREAT Aunt! She pushed her up the hill too. That way she got a ride both ways! That's dedication.

It was a good thing he had such a HUGE hat on. He took a wicked header off the tube and it saved his face from snow burn!

My little Eskimo!

I made her at least TRY to walk a little way up the hill. Then I carried her. (she looked so cute I couldn't resist) She outgrew he clothes from last year so she's dressed in Dylan's old stuff. Doesn't she make a cute little boy! : )

Hmmmm she says. I think my hands are getting cold.

Did I mention it was REALLY cold. Only about 20 deg outside. Brrrrr

It's all fun and games until the babies hands get cold! That'll end the fun real quick!

We had so much fun this weekend playing in the snow that naturally when we woke up and saw that it had snowed here. We headed out to play in it. We had a perfect snowy morning. Playing with the kids in the snow. Drinking yummy hot chocolate. Sending out all the Christmas Cards and playing board games. Yep! I sure do love the snow, and perfect snowy, stay at home days!

Monday, December 15, 2008

She's SEVEN!

How did this happen? I swear I blinked and she went from my teeny tiny little baby to this full grown kid, with all the attitude of a teenager to match. This year she decided she wanted to have a girls "late night". Being too young for a real sleepover this was a good compromise. All the girls came in Pj's and we ate pizza, did crafts, painted toe nails and watched movies. Around 9:00 the kids were ready for bed so we started sending them home.

I was a little nervous for this party for some odd reason. Turns out.... I had almost as much fun as Haley. These girls are all so full of personality. I didn't think there was anyone on the planet that could talk as much as she does, but I was wrong. We all laughed over dinner and had fun painting fingernails and toenails. It was really fun.

Some days I feel like I am so unprepared for her to grow up. Being the first child she kind of gets short changed.... they have to suffer while the parents try and figure all this out. I feel like I got a little glimpse of fun girl stuff to come. I am excited. If I can keep the teenage girl attitude out of it I think we will be set!
So happy birthday baby girl. I know you're not a baby anymore but you'll always be my baby. Thanks for adding so much fun to our lives.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busy time of year!

So I decided this year I wasn't doing all the stuff that makes me crazy. Running around everywhere feeling the need to buy the perfect present for everyone I know. I am only spending time doing things that make the holiday's enjoyable. Thanks to the momumentaly huge black friday shopping trip I am done with the shopping. Now I can spend time with friends and family relaxing.

The perfect example of this was last night me and some of my best girls went out for shopping, food and, fun! These girls are the best. The kind that you can laugh about nothing with. Including being chased out of Target after closing and near midnight. I am so thankful for friends like that!

The only problem with all of this fun was I drank a few too many caffeinated beverages at dinner (which was around 11:00) and then got all wound up like a 5 year from laughing. Then came home and tried to sleep. Not a good combo.

Then to make sure I was really good and tired.....Haley was on the news this morning. Fox 13 filmed at her school so I had to take her there early and wait with her so I could bring her home again. Just in time to leave again with preschool carpool and get them all to school. Whew it was a totally crazy hectic morning but totally worth it! The first grade class sang a couple of songs. She loved it... and I forgot that I got about 1 hour of sleep. I guess it really is the most WonDerFul TiMe of the YeAr!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Where have I been?

When I turned on my computer today I actually blew dust off the top. Seriously! That's just crazy. I did mentinon that I was busy this time of year, but what have I been up to?

Thanksgiving parties at preschool.

One crisis at Haley's school where I got a call because they thought I was supposed to be there for a party but it ended up someone else was supposed to be there. It was a close call!

Shopping.... and more shopping. Black Friday is one of my favorite holiday's!

Planning the next birthday party.

Decorating the house for Christmas

Putting up the tree.

I promise I will post some fun pictures of these events sometime soon.