Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year = New Me!

Well I think it's been long enough don't you? Apparently I was a little burnt out on the blogging situation. Really, it may just be that I have the attention span of a two year old! I flit around to things that interest me and then drop 'em when I'm bored. I guess it's a really good thing that my family is so darn crazy, and interesting I could never get bored with them : )

(see what I mean.... snow hat + swimming goggles and a pony)
Don't ask.... I don't know what she's doing!

So in a nutshell over the last 6 months these are a few of the big things that have happened around here....

School started.
School ended for one little 3 year old who decide "it just not for me" YEP.... me neither kid!
I turned 21 again.... Hooray!
Michael had a birthday.... he however is not 21
Dylan turned 6 - Happy birthday dude
Haley turned 8 -It's great to be 8 ....right bug!
Haley got baptized (A very cool experience)
Christmas and a house full of family for the holidays.
Mom slept for 2 weeks straight afterwards....

This has brought us to January, most peoples most dreaded month. Me. I love it! A new start, I have no birthdays or holidays I need to plan for. I am stuck inside with my beloved Kindle with nothing to do but read. Really what's not to like!

This year I have plenty of resolutions some I will mention.... most I will not (come on now! A girls gotta have her secrets.) One I can mention is my resolution to get more organized. I am well on my way to achieving this. I have almost an entire floor of my house currently sporting nicely organized closets. Cool huh! Anyone that knows me will know that I clean everything in my house ALL The time... except my closets and cupboards. They are a nightmare! But no longer I tell ya. It's a new year, a new decade even. So there ya have it. We're back, at least until I get bored and wander off on ya for a while. Now I'm off to fulfil another goal. It' time for the daily run.

Talk to ya soon


Susie said...

Holy Crow...a post!

Mindy said...

You are alive! I almost removed you from my blog list, but I thought I would give you to the beginning of the new year and here you are! Glad to have you back! :) Glad to hear that the last 6 months have been good!

utmomof 5 said...

If I hadn't seen you at Jeanines party I might have thought you were no longer with us :)

Good luck with the organizing!! I alwasy feel better when something is nice and organized!!

Tausha said...

Finally! I am impressed with your goals. How about when you finish-you head on up to my house and help me do all of my closets! You go girl-I am very impressed. Although, you made me feel bad. Here it is my birthday-on WEDNESDAY and you say you have no birhtdays in January. I'm hurt, very very hurt!

onceapickle said...

After you're finished with your closets, can you come on over and do mine? Gee, thanks! :)

Great to see a new post from you again. I'm glad you had a great Christmas!