Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We've come full Circle!

My very first blog ever was on Haley's first day of school. Well guess what! Today was Avery's first day of school. I know I am lame and never keep up on this blog but I am really gonna try this time. Honest.... no I mean it. Like TOTALLY gonna do it!

Yeah, I don't believe me either. I do really like looking back at previous post. They make me laugh so I will do my best but I still probably won't get many posts in this year. "Sigh" I guess a few are better than none.

On to the fun stuff! Avery's 1st Day of school!

For 2 days she has been bouncing.... literally bouncing up and down. Every time I saw her today she would say "you know.... today is a VERY big day for me". Yep, I know honey, me too! My last little one is going off to school.

You would think there would be tears.... NO WAY! With how naughty this little one has been this summer I was not really all that sad. She is so ready for her BIG day. Here are a few pics of the big day!

Getting on the bus!

(Did those steps get bigger or is it just me?)

She would NOT let me take her to school in the car. She had to ride the bus! As she says "I have been waiting 5 years for this mom, and I am not going to miss it!" Okay... so can I follow you over to the school in my car and make sure you get to class okay? Ummm.... no.

Check out that face! She was so mad that I came to the school. She obviously thought I was gonna stay home. Yeah like that's gonna happen!

Congrats! Baby girl. Welcome to the Big Leagues.