Sunday, January 18, 2009

What was I thinking????

It's my own fault. Really- what was I thinking. I did something so incredibly stupid. I said OUT LOUD... "We've haven't even been sick this winter." Yep, I know, not smart. I am not kidding. Withing about 2 hours of uttering the fateful words Avery came down with a fever. She was throwing up by dinner. She had croup by morning and we were in the Dr.'s office for the usual steroid treatment by the next day. In the meantime Michael got sick that night, but held it together long enough to go to the Walking with Dinosaurs show. Withing an hour of coming home Dylan had a 103 fever and I was running a toasty 101. We are a site to see. Haley now has her fever to match. (You know Haley.... she just can't be left out of something). Ugggg I have learned my lesson!!! I will never utter the fateful words again.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My little charmer

As parents we try to teach our children how to be well behaved. We repeat ourselves time and time again. I don't know if any of you feel this way, but I feel like I'm never really heard! But either out of blind hope or pure habit I keep at it. Reminding the kids millions and millions of times all the little things that they should do that will help them become "well mannered".

Today I was silently rewarded. We had a little neighbor girl over to our house today. Dylan and she had been playing and then decided they wanted to run back over to her house. They asked if they could... and I said yes. I was finishing what I was doing and then going to come and help them put on boots and coats. Much to my surprise I come out to find them already leaving. Dylan had helped her get on her boots and then put on his. Then since she didn't wear a coat over he proceeded to unzip his jacket (which has a outer coat and an inner liner) and give her one. They zip up and off they go. Totally oblivious to the fact that mom was secretly watching and smiling proudly. Maybe a little bit of mom's endless hounding has made a difference after all.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Walking with Dinosaurs

The men in my life sometimes get out-voted around here. All of the girls in this family have their own way making themselves heard. I decided to treat my guys with a special day just for them. So I got them tickets to this.

Okay.... so maybe this is a little more for the little guy than it is for Michael, but I'm sure they'll both love it. Pretty cool huh! I am the lucky one who gets to go see Disney princesses on ice. Sometimes I wish I was a boy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Craziness!

I know it's been a while since I last posted, but hey.... it was Christmas and we all know how busy that is. So here's a recap of all the things that have been keeping me hopping. First the kids both had programs at their schools. I always love going and seeing them perform. I can't help but smile when they get so excited to sing songs, or dance or whatever the case may be.

Haley was W A Y on the other side of the gym and my monstrous 2 year old was making things impossible. So we settled for listening more and taking less pictures. As you can see. I managed to see her happy little face at least once.

(Poor little snowman!)

For Dylan's performance we got there early and got front row seats. This way I was sure to get more pictures. But I spent most of the time laughing. He was way more interested in torturing his poor little snowman prop than he was in singing. Normally this would set off the mom anxiety, but I figured. Who cares! This is a preschool performance and no one really cares what he's up to anyway. He did sing some of the songs, his favorite one about the mittens. That was good enough for me.

This little monster gets to come with me to all of these things. Sometimes when we do two parties or two programs back to back at both schools she gets a little cranky. That's where a little "sugar persuasion" comes into play. A sucker goes a long way to keep this kiddo quiet. I just feel bad for the person next to her who gets touched with the sticky hands.

Yummy! See the sticky drool on her chin. Yep.... A huge sticky mess, but did you notice her mouth is closed? Yeah man- that's what I'm talkin' about.

So! So ! Fun. Even though all of these things take so much work I love them!

(pictures of Christmas are coming- I promise)