Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look what I can Do!

Do any of you remember when you learned to tie your shoes? For some odd reason I don't remember this. It probably has to do with my 2 older sisters doing something totally evil to me and therefore I have blocked it out of my memory.... but anyway, I remember the day I learned to blow a bubble with my gum but not tying my shoes. For exactly this reason I thought that I would document Haley's new accomplishment! I am not sure if 6 is old for learning to tie your shoes but regardless here is how our morning went! (She was almost late for the bus because this took a few attempts)

Cross both ends.... pull them through

Make two bunny ears.....

Over the top and pull one through...

There... all done!

Check out that smile! She was SoooooOOOOOooo proud of herself!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Babbling Baby and a Dead Frog

Yesterday was a weird day. Haley stayed home from school AGAIN! She hasn't been to school since last Tues. She has been so sick but I suspected yesterday she was actually feeling good enough to go but was just milking it! Now of course little sister decided to follow in her big sisters foot step and now has a fever of 103.5 that only comes down to 102 with LOTS of medicine. She is so sick! She just lays on my lap and babbles incoherently! She doesn't know a lot of words so this is fairly funny to listen to. Baby, dogie, mommy, meow, eat, no no, kitty....etc, etc, strung with other such words in no order said over and over is pretty funny. So finally Avery is passed out asleep and the kids are watching a movie and I thought I would sneak in some much needed cleaning when what do I find? Our little frog that went missing last week! Haley has these two, no scratch that! I mean one little aquatic frog that swim around in a fish bowl, last week she went missing! She decided that living in water was not for her.... so yesterday I found the little dead petrified frog in MY room! GROSS!!!! It hoped all the way out of Haley's room down the hall and into my room. So to give Haley some closure I picked it up in a tissue we had a little frog funeral. I finally convinced Haley to flush it (she wanted to keep it in a baggie so she could keep her with her forever! Ewww, flushing was the way to go!) Dylan was not helping with the tears that were shed! He was standing by the handle of the toilet poised and read! Chanting FLUSH IT! FLUSH IT, little brothers...... what a pain! After days like these is it really any wonder why I am completely nuts!

Monday, February 25, 2008


I would love to say that today is going better than yesterday but ummm..... it's not. My kids aren't being bad or anything they are just sick. All except the one who bounces off my walls like he's on crack! So between the two whinney girls and the crack boy.... well you get the picture.

On a less bitter, tired of taking care of sick kids note. I was tagged by my friend Tausha I will play along since most of the time I don't but only becuase we shared a room in colledge and I miss our late night chats so not responding would be like me pretending to be asleep when she asked me a question. So here goes.

20 years ago I . . . was almost ten so probably fighting with my sisters, running around the neighborhood with my hair not done and no shoes on (you've all seen the pictures you know!) Playing soccer, jumping on the trampoline and being a kid!

10 years ago I......was in college-living in a house with 9 girls in Orem. My great roommate was the one who tagged me. Just for that I might put house of 9 pictures up for all to see. You see we lived in a house with 6 rooms and 2 bathrooms and nine girls. You do the math. Being the smallest yet meanest of the bunch I pretty much got first pick (jk.... kind of). Tausha being my room-roommate reapt the benifits (You're welcome Taush) Meeting my Husband. Once we met we were never apart! He would leave very early in the morning and return a little later in the morning (Remember I had 9 roommates.... so don't worry we were never alone so no funny business there : ) Seriously.... joined at he hip doesn't even begin to do it justice! Loving every minute of all of this by the way. Well almost every minute. There was this one stinky roommate who used to steel my clothes! Ewwww.... not so fun, she still has a pair of my shoes.

5 years ago I..... Had a baby under the age of 2 and was pregnant with my second. Not on bedrest yet but getting close! Living in Eagle Mountian and pretty much doing most of the same things as now! That is more than extremely sad! Let's move on!

1 year ago I.....Had yet another small baby under the age of one! But not the one mentioned above. We had built our new house in Saratoga Springs (where we are now) Probably sitting at home dealing with sick kids just like I am doing now. Winter really sucks!!!!! My kids are ALWAYS FREAKING SICK during winter. Okay.... moving on I am trying not to be bitter that my kids have been sick for about 4 or 5 months straight!

Yesterday.... I stayed home with the kids because Haley was sick with a fever, cough, and upset stomach. So we stayed home and watched movies and sanitized everything. During the night Avery came down with it too. So much for sanitizing!

Tomorrow I.... will most likely be doing the exact same thing I am doing today. Does anyone beside myself see a very depressing pattern here? : (

In the next year I will.... be raising the kids. Taking more vactions, hopefully be learning new things, planting a garden, Finishing the basement, cleaning up HUGE messes, and enjoying most of my days!

So anyone who would like to play along is welcome to play. Consider yourself tagged!
There you have it!

Sunday, February 24, 2008



Replacement for current maid, nurse, cook, houskeeper, nanny, chafuer and referee. Must be willing to work long hours for little pay. Someone who does not throw up when thrown up on, can make referee calls on who really started it first. Have a iron will and a heart of gold. Looking for a replacement to last for exactly as long as it takes for current maid, nurse, cook, houskeeper, nanny, chaufuer, and referee to remember how much she loves her 3 little ones. This could take 1 hour or 1 week depending on where the vacation takes place. All kids must not be sick upon return!!! Anyone willing to fill in for little or no pay please let me know. I am sure there are millions out there who are well trained in this position. Apply immediately : )

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ready for the Tooth Fairy

When Haley was a baby she did not have a single tooth in her head until she was 14 months old. I kid you not!!! This however did not deter her from eathing anything and everything she could get her little hands on. (hmmm.... who else does that sound like) This however means that at 6 years of age she still has not lost a tooth. Most of her little friends started loosing their teeth last year sometime and Haley has been waiting (not that patiently) for her teeth to start feeling loose. Well this week she said that FINALLY her front teeth are loose. We felt for ourselves and well..... yep, I guess they are kind of loose (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) so with us being stuck inside with a false case of appendicitis I decided to make her this to cheer her up.

Isn't it so cute! She named her toothy (original I know) because she's a tooth mom. Duh... why didn't I think of that! But you put your little tooth (probably in a little piece of plasic wrap or something so it doesn't fall out the holes) in the pocket in the back. Then the tooth fairy comes and leaves you a dollar or so I've been told. Isn't it so cute!!!! We are so totally ready once those bad boys fall out! I told Dylan that I would make him one that looked like a boy with a bandana or something when his teeth were ready to fall out. So whatcha think? Is she cute or what!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday Tell All - Love List

Okay I know I am a day late but yesterday was crazy so let's pretend that today is Tuesday.

My Love List:

A clean house! Time to play with the kids, Dates with my husband!!!! Going out with the girls, daily calls from my sisters, Waterskiiing! Spring time, Play dates at the park, Listening to music not ment for kids, Those 10 min or so after you kids wake up from naps and they are warm and snuggly and only want to be held, Naps. Finding a GREAT deal when shopping, Fall weather, actually any season but winter! I do LOVE Christmas though! When your baby learns a new word and says it for the first time (even if it's over and over) The kids in matching outfits. New shoes. The feeling when you teach your self something new. Being silly with the girls. Finding a GREAT new recicpie that everyone in the family loves (Like that ever really happens but if it did it would be FABULOUS) Going to movies, when myall 3 of my kids AREN'T sick (Like that ever happens either) Time alone with my hubby. Working on a project no matter what kind. Any kids of time to myself. oh one more a really great book!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Never Fear.... the Super Hero's are here!

Well... we have a new favorite super hero at our house (or at least for the day) This would be the Red power ranger (Doesn't he look like he's calling you out? You wanna piece of me punk?) Who knows why the red power ranger is the leader but he is! So sleep soundly all of you people in Saratoga Springs... Dylan the Red Power Ranger is here. Pay no attention to the "Cars" shirt that just helped with the Red outfit (or so I'm told). Dylan the Red Power Ranger and his cousin Landen "Batman" had a great time this afternoon protecting ALL from evil! I love their imagination, and the outfits of course!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My knight in shinning armor

Who would have ever guessed that I was married to a knight in shinning armor! (Except myselft that is) As you all know we had quite a storm yesterday. I was starting to get nervous since Michael was on his way home. I called to let him know that the roads in and out of Eagle Mtn. and Saratoga Springs were closed and to see where he was on his way home. Our phone connection was HORRIBLE. I finally heard through the fuzz that he was on his way but needed to drop Dave off in Eagle Mtn. on the way home. I rarely know who he has in his car so I said "Okay, but the roads are closed leading to Eagle Mtn." He jokingly said well me might have company for dinner then. I laughed as said that's fine see you soon. Well.... we did have company, in he walks with who I assumed was a client, in tow. We introduced oursleves and Michael stepped out of the room to make a call to someone. This is when Haley said so..... you work with my daddy? He says nope... he rescued me and my dog from our stranded car on the side of the road. WHAT!!!!! I spun around and almost dropped what was in my hand. He was a stranger... and since when did we have a dog in the garage? I tried to compose myself so Ididn't come off too rude. He turned out to be a very nice man. He slid off the road and was frantically trying to flag people down but no one would stop. Michael picked him up (and Bobos, his dog) and tried to take him home. When that was not possible he brought him home to wait out the storm. Well we all sat down to dinner (thankfully because I had just taken dinner to a sick neighbor we had PLENTY! ) He was so nice and pleasant and thankful for dinner and everything. Our kids played all around him, Avery sat on his lap and he read a story to Dylan. I sat there thinking. How could a stranger be so readily accepted by my kids? (Maybe a lesson in stranger danger was in order AGAIN! jk) It did start me thinking about different times or different era where there would be no worry for strangers and terrorist, just a genuine conern for someone's safety stuck in a horrible storm. Finally the roads opened (so we thought) and my husband and our new friend set off to try to get him home. Come to find out the roads were opened for mere minutes before another crash shut them down again. So now Michael drove him to his car and spent hours trying to pull it out of the ditch until his Brother- in -Law was able to come and take him home.

This whole thing made me REALLY appreciate my husband! He is one of those people who genuinely cares about other people and will go WAY ABOVE and beyond in order to help them. To this he would reply "I would want someone to do it for you and the kids if you were stranded" But really how many would? I thought about this all night. To top it all off since we were up so late with all of this stuff it was after midnight and he asks "Do you want your valentines presents " PRESENTS... as in plural? SURE bring it on! He spoiled me once again (he is truly the best gift giver I have ever met) He bought me a new Rebel camera and photo shop to play with all my new pictures I take! He also got me the software to make my phone work like an MP3 player. Seeing how I got him an office chair (nothing says love like office furniture!) I am feeling like a little bit of a shmuck today! In my defense he did tell me that's what he wanted, but still it does not compare with my gifts. So thank you to my knight in shinning armor for being my best friend. A wonderful father and the best husband I could have ever wished for! I hope that the next 9 years are as fabulous as the last. I love you! Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My very first Pigtails

Look how cute I am! Mommy put pigtails in my hair today for the first time. She said she needed to do something with my mullet. What's a mullet anyway? I felt like such a big girl! I sat there real still and let her comb my hair. I was so good that mommy almost forgave me for my all my naughty stunts yesterday.

Pretty funny that her cheeks stick out as far as her pigtails do. Still.... how could you not love this face!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just one of those days!

It's funny sometimes the rollercoaster ride we get to experience everyday when dealing with kids. Your day can go from perfectly fine to positively awful in a matter on minutes. Take the day I had today for instance. So my original idea for today's post was to write about all of the things kids do that are not so cute now but that I am positive one day I will actually miss. Like the little fingers that magicly appear under the bathroom door as soon as you shut it and try to have a moment by yourself.

Or my personal favorite is everyday when I get into the shower my little one wanders in and first makes her prescence know by yelling HI... at the top of her lungs at least 4 or 5 times. Then she does this. For the rest of the time you are in the shower. Sometimes she mixes it up and puts her mouth on the shower door. Or if she is feeling really funny..... her feet. But none the less every day this is what I see! It actually is cute now, it makes me smile EVERYDAY. Then however your day can change instantly.

We decided to bring out the dreaded moon sand this afternoon. (If you don't already know.... this stuff is awful.) There is a reason that sand is kept outside in a sandbox or should be left at the beach. But after a lot of pleading I decided to let them play with it. ( I was SOOOOOooooooo STUPID to buy it. I have no one to blame but myself for this really ) All was going well except for an ocasional tantrum or two (nothing major) so I started to make dinner. I was in the same room as my two youngest monsters when something hit me in the back of the head. I look down to see blue and yellow sand at my feet as well as some floating in our dinner. I turned around and gasped. This is what I saw....

This is sand people.... in my house.... my carpet... all the way across the kitchen, dinning room and living room...everywhere !!!! Just like the commercials say "IT NEVER DRIES OUT, so I will be finding this in every nook and crany for the next 20 years! My brilliant little ones decided it would be way funner to throw the moon sand then to play with it! I am so mad at this point that I don't know what to do with myself except laugh.... not the good kind either, the histerical shrill I might actually hurt my child kind of a laugh. Apperently this is not a clear signal to a 4 year old and an 18 month old as to how mad your mommy really is. Because if they REALLY knew how mad mommy was they would NEVER have done this.

This picture is of the mess they made WHILE I was cleaning up the stupid moon sand!!!!! Can you believe that. This is Nesquick chocolate milk powder they dumped out on the clean part of the kitchen floor. Seriously now I am wondering if I need Anger Management therapy before dealing with the two of them. Of course this is also the night that Daddy is working late. So I emailed these pictures to him. I just wanted him to be aware that if he wanted to see his children in one piece he may want to come home SOON.

Wish me luck tomorrow I am sure that I will be in for another rollercoster ride

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Me and my sisters

I am a lucky girl. I have 3 sisters and no brothers. Although I am sad I never had a brother to torment (I did fine just tormenting my sisters growing up) Even though we fought A LOT.... I mean A LOT! People who knew us growing up are dumbfounded to find out we actually like each other now. I think the problems was that we all have fairly strong personalities (he he he maybe that's understating it a bit!) but none the less. All we needed to become friends was to move out from under the same roof. Viola' now we are the best of friends. I talk to each of them almost everyday. I know I can count on them for everything. For instance I had to met someone who wanted to see our car for sale. Being the nut case I am I got a tad bit nervous meeting some strange person at a random parking lot in Roy. So my little sister came to save me .... well really she just gave me a safe warm place to hang out while he test drove the car but still. Who else do you know that would give up their Saturday to hang out at the Village Inn parking lot(other than family) He turned out to be very nice ((not a homicidle maniac)) he even wanted to but the car WaHoooooo! After my last post with my sister at the Hanna Montana concert I had a few comments on how much we looked alike. This made me curious, I have always been told that my younger sister and I looked the most alike but what do you think? This is the most recent picture of all of us. So what do you think? Who looks the most alike?

This picture is just for fun. This is me and my little sister on her first day of kindergarten and my first day of 1st grade. People always thought we were twins so I was ALWAYS dressed in pink and she was always dressed in blue. (No laughing at the hair! We were kids and had no say in how we were dressed or how our hair was cut. )

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thank You

Thanks for the valentines day package Tam! I totally suck when it comes to thank you notes or cards. I always mean to send them or call but I guess I am just to easily sidetracked and I forget. So the kids really wanted to say thanks and I thought this would be faster and you would actually get it this way. So thanks for the hats and little cards and candies! Dylan especially liked his hat (probably has something to do with the Diego on it) but he won't take it off except to sleep! (or except when his youngest sister yanks it off his head and runs away saying hat.... hat... hat. He then in return body slams her and takes it back away and puts it on his head! Did I tell you thanks yet? )

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Haley's Hanna Day

So.... my very nice sister let Haley hang with her and the big kid cousins on Saturday. They went to the Hanna Montana Concert. It was a 3D movie of an actual concert (or something like that) Needless to say she was so excited, well excited was not the right word for it more like on cloud nine. My brother-in-law went an hour early to stand in line just so they could get some really good seats. Aren't they the best Aunt and Uncle ever!

This was them waiting in line ready to go in. Notice the very stylish 3D glasses. Haley brought some of these home for Dylan. He thinks they are spy glasses and he LOVES them!

Here she is inside the movie theatre. Haley has been trained by her daddy that when she sees a movie she get nachos, popcorn, candy and a drink. She came home with a big belly ache. I WONDER why!

Well she had a really great time. Thanks again Susie for making your niece so happy!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Wanna Make a snowflake?

Well it's preschool week again and I was looking for ideas for my "seasons theme" you see I am doing a winter theme on Tuesday and a summer theme on Thursday. Anyway... one of the craft projects for the winter day is the little guys are going to be making a bunch of snowflakes to take home. (Don't you remember doing those in school, they were always so FUN!) I couldn't remember how to fold the paper from way back in the day. I was online looking for directions when I came across this. I thought that it was fun so I thought I would share it with all of you. ENJOY! Nothing like a little mindless fun to brighten a dull winter day!

We will be out playing in the snow for the last half of the preschool day tommorow... wish me luck I am sure a snowball fight will break out and I am sure I am going down!